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saxon mortgage/HAMP program

I have issues with the way that some mortgage companies are abusing the government help. They are taking money and stating that they are going to help the homeowners under this HAMP plan with the way they are servicing the way the do with Trail Payment Plan. I feel if you are going to make the home owners commit to signing a binding document such as the 3 month Trail payment program and states that they have to keep the payments as well send in any requested documents before they a prove you. If the companies feel is if they are going to be longer then the three month period they should put that in writing on that documents you sign. they don't send anything after the three months that they need more time and that you need to keep paying that same amount. I have a very big issues because this is what happen to me. Although I was not behind before I started the program. I was told that I may qualify for the HAMP program. I could have cont to pay my monthly payments and not be $13,000.00 past due how is that helping homeowners. This really bad for some whom had been behind before this process the will only be twice or three time more then what they say we currently owe it you are denied after everything is said and done. So tell me how is this suppose to help homeowner in trouble. There need to something better put into affect. i feel like if the person is able to go on the program that the behind payment and or any payments less then normal monthly payments. The process should be able to freeze the payments to the back of the loan weather they are approved or not just start the plan with set 6 months process and put more pressure on the lenders and not consumers. Help the homeowners who really want to remain in the homes and are trying to workout a plan that will work well for all parties involved.



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