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Repeal Federal Income Taxes

My idea is to repeal the federal income tax as we know it. Instead, institute a 5% federal sales tax on all consumer goods. I know that this sounds drastic but read further,please. In todays business world there are so many people that are self employed and fall behind on their taxes because of an inability to make ends meet or math? Under this idea ,and foward thinking everyone not the rich , middle class, and not the people at poverty level would share the responsibility of making this countries deficit go away. Every person in the united states would have to pay these taxes, whether they are here illegally, on a work visa, vacationing, or on business, EVERYONE. The amount of tax they would pay would totally depend on the way that they live and the money that they spend. If the rich want to drive $100,000 dollar cars they would have to pay the tax. If you can only afford the basics like a Bologna sandwich and a bike that is the taxes that you pay. But in all fairness each persons way of life would determine the amount of taxes that you would pay. There is one very important piece to this, with everyone paying there would actually be fairness between the financial classes.



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