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Internal Revenue Service - Telephone Hold Time Customer Service

The hold time at the Internal Revenue Service call centers is not good and has been a hot topic this past year. Training more employees to assist with peak times on specific notices would be beneficial, but as one who works in a call site I see alternatives. The recorded informational messages could be "NOTICE Specific" to direct callers to seek other sources even though they are already mentioned on notices such as a CP2100/2100A Notice.

People learn in different ways and every resource must be utilized. The messages could instruct the caller to view the appropriate publication on the web site or direct them to call the telephone number to order the Publication 1281 which contains all the material they need for the Notice. This could be extended by ensuring the notice reference materials are offered in multi language,audio, video, and text versions. These links should be easily and readily available on the IRS web site.

Also, please consider occasionally advising the caller of the approximate hold time as a courtesy. It's time for me to go to work......



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