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Capitalism 2.0 - Financial Cold Fusion

professional consumers make money while stimulating the information and purchasing information when combined is informational gold for many different markets and marketers


The System


a prosumer would purchase at a merchant with a system ID card (preloaded with say $50 to start the "reactor")

The prosumer, prior to the purchase would have given as much sociological information as possible or comfortable :ex. 27 year old mother of three with 2 dogs driving a GMC Yukon and interested in X X X and X:


The merchant sends the purchase information (ie Dove soap, branded dog food, baby food (particular is present on the sale)) to the Scrubbing department that scrubs the ID of information that would link the prosumers name to the sociological and name.


The scrubber sends the information to the distributor side and they put it on a social information market where marketing companies and the like are able to purchase that information for their own use at their own discretion.


The purchase price and information of the marketing company is scrubbed and then the money from that transaction is transferred back to the prosumer via system ID after costs for scrubbing and distributing (almost negligible) ...


Start the "reactor" and let us eliminate debt and even export this information if necessary... the prosumers info would go to the highest bidder in some kind of marketing system designed by the distributor


thanks for looking AND SOMEBODY PLEASE READ THIS WITH OPEN MIND IN HAND... Think freedom from debt here.



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