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A "Redderian" Way - Capitalizm 2.0



dont run a train if you cant run the pain - by Chaz Lawrence 2010


In the beginning there was a constitution.

From the constitution came the thought that it had created a free enterprise system.

From the free enterprize system came the seller and the consumer and they were one in the same.



The only problem is that the constitution failed to provide a truly freedom inducing enter-prize system.

Look anywhere around this country and you will see the ultimate failure of this competitive market in the fact that 5% control 95% of the money. The 95% of the people are for the most part living in bondage and in debt.



The 5% don't want the 95%people to be out of bondage because then they would truly have a voice in running the nation among other things. This is very similar to someone in power not wanting to be exposed to the wrath of the 95% people. The 5% thought they knew best because they thought they were in control of the world. But as His Story shows, we are NEVER in control of our world.



The capitalist system has a faulty base for their pyramid with "them" being the eye. If something is not perfect, it will fail ultimately. They may leave footprints but out with the old and in with the new, RIGHT (or "new right"?)?



How do you think God feels about 95% of his children being in debt to %5%majorityminority who are in debt all together as a nation at the tune of 12 trillion and counting?



I am here. let Gods people go.



A system of financial freedom FOR ALL, Capitalization 2.0 or Capitalizms Adaptation.



In this system, any average(95%) joe can eliminate his debt and prosper by being a part of this system.



The system is as follows:



Parts necessary:

A copyright,trademark,and patent

Purchasing client


Purchasing firm

A secure data scrubbing and redderian center

(mix and match the following as needed)

Policy Chief Official

Marketing Chief Official

Logistics Chief Official

Creative Chief Official

Coordination Chief Official

The Constitution of Redderian Finance





The Constitution of Redderian Finance Program

Freedom of Communication

Freedom of Religion

The right to NOT bear arms

Freedom of the purchasing client

Freedom of the distributor

Freedom of the purchasing firm



The purchasing client is given an initial amount of X dollars based on how much information they give for the program.

Purchasing clients' information is their social landscape made digital and then anonymous.

Information of the purchasing client is copyrighted by said client per the program.

Said client uses the "redderrian program passcard" to make any purchase they wish as long as it is within the boundaries of legal merchandise,

Said Clients' copyrighted information is scrubbed of identity accordingly. Said client's distributor then sells their copyrighted purchase information through the "redderian program distributorship". Their information can be sold by the distributor (who has scrubbed their private data) individdually or as per an umbrella group of similar clients.

Umbrella groups may be necessary for the purchasing firm to buy according to their needs.

All proceeds from the sale go to the purchasing client(S) with the purchasing firm also paying the redderian program distributor a creating, shipping, and handling fee.

Then the purchasing client uses money from their first purchase deal on their passcard to purchase more based on their rate of return for selling their copyrighted info to the purchasing firm... ad infinitum.







Joe signs on to the program and gives as much information as he feels comfortable, with the more information being more selling power.

Joe uses the initial sign on bonus (say $50) to purchase 50$ worth of proucts at wal-mart.

Using the passcard to make the purchase, his information and the purchase information is sent to the data scrubbing center which once anonymized will be sold by the redderian program to the correct firm(or highest paying firm).

His information sold for 250$ and he is automatically notified that he now has $250 on his passcard.

Joe goes back to wal-mart and buys 250$ worth of merchandise (and this purchase is even more valuable to the firms because they get to see his social spending patterns when given more money)



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